In order to achieve the quality of coal the customer requires, the coal can be processed in the following ways;


The large oversize pieces are fed into a crusher, which crushes it down to more manageable sizes so that it can be further processed if required


The raw material, whether it is washed or unwashed can be screened to standard sizes as described in the products section of the website. Coal, petcoke, metcoke and anthracite can all be screened and sized to customer specification.


Coal can be put through one of our state of the art washing plants, which reduces the ash content of the coal, reduces emissions and increases the calorific value of the coal, altogether leaving a suitably sized superior coal for a cleaner burning process with enhanced calorific value and cleaner emissions.


LCC have the capability of creating specialised products by blending different products to achieve desired specifications.

Stacking - Stock piling

After creating the desired product, the material needs to be handled in such a way as not to degrade the product.  The products are carefully stacked in order to not damage the material size by skilled operators using proper blading techniques.


The products being created are routinely tested for independent certification to ensure the products are of the correct standard. Specific analysis parameters can be tested on request

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